Responsive Web Design Makes A Splash

Posted On November 25, 2011 / In Industry News

Responsive web design has made a splash in the industry in the past few months. The terms is the new “it” word that has web developers and designers buzzing. Responsive web design, as seen on our site, is designing a website for multiple viewing mediums. At the most basic level responsive web design consists of a web and mobile version. Other versions may include print, for printing a sites contents, and other variations of viewing such as Facebook and tablet layouts.

We implement responsive web design with our projects and unlike many other web development companies we don’t charge an arm and a leg more. Many other web development companies use plugins to generate a “mobile” website. I put “mobile” in quotes, because it is an extremely watered down website that is not up to the current standards of mobile design.

With responsive web design websites are now able to be very well designed for other devices besides the computer, capturing your brand and showcasing your services.

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