WordPress 3.3 Released

Posted On December 12, 2011 / In Industry News

WordPress 3.3 has just launched and is available for you to update your site! In my opinion WordPress has always been easy to use for a website solution, but the new release of WordPress makes it much easier for non-techy people to use.

To start, WordPress now has flyout menus that allow for you to easily find what you are looking for without clicking around. They have also spiced up the menu and added some coloration when a menu item is hovered over. However, my biggest excitement for the new release is media!

WordPress 3.3 now allows for you to drag your media files to the screen and it does all of the uploading. The new uploader is no longer Flash based and is much more simple to use. There is simply one button for all media, rather than a handful of hard to use clunky uploaders.

You may also notice the admin bar has been updated to show the number of outstanding comments awaiting moderation and the ability to quickly create a new post. The new install also supports iPad and tablets and has some helpful tooltip bubbles to help users navigate through the new version!

If you have not yet downloaded the new version, I would highly recommend it!

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