Importance of Fresh Content

Posted On April 20, 2012 / In SEO

The importance of fresh content cannot be undersold. Many so called web development companies will sell you SEO services hiking up your bill with every keyword you pick out. It angers me that these swindlers continue to prey on the misunderstanding of potential clients. If you ever are told that search engines work on keywords, walk right out of that web development company and take your money with you.

Google, widely believed to be the primary search engine to optimize for, has not looked at keywords in over one year, and yet plenty of web development companies are selling keywords in bundles, for example ten keywords for $100 a month. You know what most of these companies do, after locking you to a yearly contract? Nothing. Yes, I said it, nothing. Any web development company that says you need a contract to do business with them is just ridiculous.

The truth is search engine optimization is focused on overall content and freshness of your website. With the increased speed of the Internet search engines like Google are extremely intelligent and no longer rely on a predefined user list of keywords. This is why it is extremely important to have news or a blog on your website. It keeps your website updated and allows for relevant users to find your site through real searches.

The unfortunate truth is many people go to web design firms because they think the bigger the price tag means they know what they are doing. Most of these companies are run by people who saw a .com opportunity ten years ago and have done absolutely no research in the past few years. Be smart, research firms as you would research a big purchase product of anything else.

Regardless of which direction you decide to go, make sure you have constant dynamic content on your site, and don’t be swindled by the wide toothed grin of a snake in a suit.

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