WordPress 3.4 Launches!

Posted On June 13, 2012 / In Industry News

WordPress, has done it again. They continue to strive to take over the Internet one website at a time and if I have anything to do with it, I am going to convert all the non-believers. The biggest update to the new WordPress is the ability to customize themes with a great new WYSIWYG feature. We will start to see themes appear on the web that allow for dynamic updates similar to the expensive custom themes that WordPress users used to purchase.

The new WordPress 3.4 preview themesAs you can see, screenshot to the right, when you click the Customize link you now have the ability to update any of the features a theme creator has allowed for you to update.  I still need to read in to how to set up these new features in WordPress themes, but it is an exceptionally large update for user experience. In the past themes were quite rigid and required complex add-ons to allow for theme updates, and none were easy to use or user intuitive.

Most of us don’t change our site frequently, and actually it is looked down on a bit from the industry, but it is extremely nice to be able to put together some themes that have the less rigid approach, allowing for mass distribution and customization. It will allow for many theme developers to create generic themes that will be able to be used by many different types of WordPress users, increasing their notoriety and use of their themes. It also allows, once again, for the simplest of web users to fully throw themselves in to WordPress, making it even easier to use.

There are some other features as well, but this one by far is the one that developers, like us, are going to be paying attention to! I will be launching all of my clients on the new version and in the next few weeks playing with the new features.

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