2013 WordCamp Phoenix

This year we took it upon ourselves to visit the 2013 WordCamp Phoenix. WordCamp Phoenix is a three day convention where many great WordPress designers and developers share new features, ideas and work on collaborative projects.

By attending WordCamp we ensure our clients of our knowledge in WordPress and truly prove we stay on top of the industry standards. We learned some great talks this year including security of WordPress, responsive design (which you bet we are going to be rolling out soon) and more.

Today is the last day of WordCamp and we are extremely excited to start providing new features to our clients that we have learned this weekend.

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2013 Goal: iPhone Development

We at Breakpoint Designs pride ourselves on learning the latest and greatest technologies available, offering them to you at great prices and unbeatable customer service. In an attempt to broaden our services, we have iPhone development listed as our top technology to learn next year. Starting in January we will be ramping up on learning the technology and getting the necessary equipment and software to develop apps. Our hope is by the end of the third or fourth quarter we will be able to service basic iPhone apps.

Anyone who is interested in using us late next year for iPhone app development will get an unbeatable introductory rate. Inquire for details!

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WordPress 3.4 Launches!

WordPress, has done it again. They continue to strive to take over the Internet one website at a time and if I have anything to do with it, I am going to convert all the non-believers. The biggest update to the new WordPress is the ability to customize themes with a great new WYSIWYG feature. We will start to see themes appear on the web that allow for dynamic updates similar to the expensive custom themes that WordPress users used to purchase.

The new WordPress 3.4 preview themesAs you can see, screenshot to the right, when you click the Customize link you now have the ability to update any of the features a theme creator has allowed for you to update.  I still need to read in to how to set up these new features in WordPress themes, but it is an exceptionally large update for user experience. In the past themes were quite rigid and required complex add-ons to allow for theme updates, and none were easy to use or user intuitive.

Most of us don’t change our site frequently, and actually it is looked down on a bit from the industry, but it is extremely nice to be able to put together some themes that have the less rigid approach, allowing for mass distribution and customization. It will allow for many theme developers to create generic themes that will be able to be used by many different types of WordPress users, increasing their notoriety and use of their themes. It also allows, once again, for the simplest of web users to fully throw themselves in to WordPress, making it even easier to use.

There are some other features as well, but this one by far is the one that developers, like us, are going to be paying attention to! I will be launching all of my clients on the new version and in the next few weeks playing with the new features.

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Importance of Fresh Content

The importance of fresh content cannot be undersold. Many so called web development companies will sell you SEO services hiking up your bill with every keyword you pick out. It angers me that these swindlers continue to prey on the misunderstanding of potential clients. If you ever are told that search engines work on keywords, walk right out of that web development company and take your money with you.

Google, widely believed to be the primary search engine to optimize for, has not looked at keywords in over one year, and yet plenty of web development companies are selling keywords in bundles, for example ten keywords for $100 a month. You know what most of these companies do, after locking you to a yearly contract? Nothing. Yes, I said it, nothing. Any web development company that says you need a contract to do business with them is just ridiculous.

The truth is search engine optimization is focused on overall content and freshness of your website. With the increased speed of the Internet search engines like Google are extremely intelligent and no longer rely on a predefined user list of keywords. This is why it is extremely important to have news or a blog on your website. It keeps your website updated and allows for relevant users to find your site through real searches.

The unfortunate truth is many people go to web design firms because they think the bigger the price tag means they know what they are doing. Most of these companies are run by people who saw a .com opportunity ten years ago and have done absolutely no research in the past few years. Be smart, research firms as you would research a big purchase product of anything else.

Regardless of which direction you decide to go, make sure you have constant dynamic content on your site, and don’t be swindled by the wide toothed grin of a snake in a suit.

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Google Search Getting A New Update – May Impact SEO

According to CNN, Google will be updating their site rather dramatically. The buzz around the water cooler is that the launch will happen this week. The new update to Google will include social media results, similar to Bing’s partnership with Facebook.This may dramatically change the way SEO is viewed, as previously social media was not a factor. However, if each search result is personalized around the user inputting a search, you may see dramatic dips in your numbers.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to follow the development and see how the new search algorithm is impacting our SEO.

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WordPress 3.3 Released

WordPress 3.3 has just launched and is available for you to update your site! In my opinion WordPress has always been easy to use for a website solution, but the new release of WordPress makes it much easier for non-techy people to use.

To start, WordPress now has flyout menus that allow for you to easily find what you are looking for without clicking around. They have also spiced up the menu and added some coloration when a menu item is hovered over. However, my biggest excitement for the new release is media!

WordPress 3.3 now allows for you to drag your media files to the screen and it does all of the uploading. The new uploader is no longer Flash based and is much more simple to use. There is simply one button for all media, rather than a handful of hard to use clunky uploaders.

You may also notice the admin bar has been updated to show the number of outstanding comments awaiting moderation and the ability to quickly create a new post. The new install also supports iPad and tablets and has some helpful tooltip bubbles to help users navigate through the new version!

If you have not yet downloaded the new version, I would highly recommend it!

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10% off December

This month we are offering 10% off our services for all customers. Contact us about your next great idea or project and we will give you a discounted price, good for the entire month of December!

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Responsive Web Design Makes A Splash

Responsive web design has made a splash in the industry in the past few months. The terms is the new “it” word that has web developers and designers buzzing. Responsive web design, as seen on our site, is designing a website for multiple viewing mediums. At the most basic level responsive web design consists of a web and mobile version. Other versions may include print, for printing a sites contents, and other variations of viewing such as Facebook and tablet layouts.

We implement responsive web design with our projects and unlike many other web development companies we don’t charge an arm and a leg more. Many other web development companies use plugins to generate a “mobile” website. I put “mobile” in quotes, because it is an extremely watered down website that is not up to the current standards of mobile design.

With responsive web design websites are now able to be very well designed for other devices besides the computer, capturing your brand and showcasing your services.

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Logo Giveaway

We are giving away one free completely customizable premium logo to one lucky winner on December 1st. To enter, simply mention us in a Tweet (@bpointdesigns). Follow our Twitter feed to be alerted of other great giveaways.

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